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Hideoxy is a new free web proxy to surf anonymous online. By using this service you agree to the terms of use.


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A Few Good Reasons to Use a Web Proxy

The reason is simple: protect your privacy. When you browse a website you leave your 'footprints' and traces everywhere, every website should log the IP address of visitors to respond to abuse and to create statistics. Use our proxy service to hide your traces online, when you visit a website from our proxy service, it is our service that establish the connection with the website you want to visit, your IP address is hidden and protected by our proxy:

How Web Proxy Works

Some Features of a Web Proxy Site

For ~100% online anonymity use a VPN service →

  •   Can hide your IP address while you browse websites
  •   Quickly browse any website, from any device, anonymously
  •   Unblock access to websites that are not accessible
  •   Test network restrictions, firewall rules and security software
  •   Unblock access to websites blocked in your device
  •   Watch streaming websites, with high speed and anonymously
  •   Protect your online privacy and maintain a good anonymity
  •   Save your bandwidth, improve your Internet speed
  •   No need to pay anything, it is completely free