About Hideoxy.com Proxy

Hideoxy is a very fast and powerful free online proxy server, it allows you to browse Internet and any website anonymously, without leaving traces of your Internet connection in the remote websites that you visit. Hideoxy can help you maintain your online anonymity and protect your online privacy, completely for free and without registration.

Online Anonymity

You should take in mind that this website is a free proxy server, you should not use this proxy site to visit illegal websites, or to commit malicious activity. To protect us from abuse issues, we have to log all the users activity (websites visited via the web proxy), so in case of problems we can better identify bad users that have abused our web proxy service.

This fast proxy site is visited by thousands of Internet users and businesses every day, all our users visit more than 5000 websites daily and Hideoxy is good enough to handle all the TCP connections made through the proxy tunnel. That's all we had to say.