Download Torrents Anonymously

If you download files via torrent you are exposing your IP address ( to a high risk because it can be viewed by P2P snoopers. When you download a file from torrent you establish a connection with other users (seeders) and during this connection the seeders can view your remote IP address. Now the problem is that you never know who are the other users that seed the torrent file. Here it comes in help the VPN service, that can encrypt all the Internet traffic (including torrent traffic) and completely hide your remote IP address, so you can download torrents anonymously.

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uTorrent Hide IP

There are also other software that can be used in conjunction with a VPN, like PeerBlock or PeerGuardian, used to block IP addresses related to P2P snoopers and spies. But unfortunately these two software are not anymore developed/updated and many users reported some issues on Windows 8+. So for now our best recommendation is to use a VPN software to effectively download torrents anonymously and hide your online activity. It just costs you few bucks per month, and you can even get a discount if you buy the yearly plan. Download your torrent files anonymously with HMA VPN!

VPN for Torrents