Hide IP Software

What is the best software to hide my IP address online ? How to hide my IP address online ? To hide your IP address ( online there are various methods, both free and paid but if you want the very best software to hide your IP address online with a high guarantee of online anonymity and of connection speed, you should definitely opt for a paid method (a VPN service). Find below the best free and paid IP hide software:

Free Alternative: Tor Project

Tor Browser

One of the most popular free IP hide software that allows you to hide your IP address online is Tor Project, that is like a network of anonymous IP addresses, located in different countries, that can help you to browse websites anonymously. The installation is super easy, you just need to download and install Tor Browser, that is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox, pre-configured with Tor Project to surf Internet anonymously.

Paid Alternative: VPN Service

HideMyAss VPN

The paid alternative to Tor Project is HideMyAss VPN Pro, it is a professional VPN service with a guarantee of high online anonymity and with super fast bandwidth speed, so fast that it works also with P2P software like uTorrent. HideMyAss VPN Pro encrypts all the Internet traffic protecting your online activity, plus it allows you to easily switch virtual country (you can select IP addresses located in any country) and the support is top notch.

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